TVAmsterdam produced hundreds of reports about nightlife around the globe, illustrating hedonism and exploring for adult entertainment and crazyness. In the series "Red Light Tales" these reports are arranged by location.

Apart from that there are some specials, for instance Rockbitch, the famous rockband that performed sex on stage which causes a lot of troubles while touring trough the UK and Germany, they even were kick out of Canada before leaving the airport. The video "Bitchcraft" is a well documented portrait of the band with a full concert and reports about their lifestyle. It contains explicit scenes like a lesson fist fucking on stage, by modern standards a reason to ban this video even in the U.K.!

Next to Bitchcraft the DVD "The Bitch O'Clock News" was released to make it possible to import Rockbitch material into the U.S.A., Japan and Canada. The DVD contains music and reports about demonstrations, bans and awards.

"Your Personal Touch" is a workshop female sexuality by Cora Emens, about exploring your body and sexual organs. 


Rockbitch Banned In Britain


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