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Foxhouse Films

All Movies, Erotic Movies, Kinky, Lesbian Bisexual And Queer, Porn by Women

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“The America’s Next Top Model of Queer Porn.” -A satisfied viewer
Fluid sexual identities and dynamics abound at the Foxhouse. Mean girls Alyx Fox and Gaperiella Holl decide to put three switchy subs, Mx. Eugene, Suzie Spindrift, and Blondey, through a series of humiliating competitions to determine who will get to dominate the others. The first feature from Foxhouse includes a blow job contest, bobbing for dildos, underwater camera action, masturbation, squirting, strap-ons, and hilariously humiliating commentary from the Femdom judges all the way through. Switchiness might make for queer and confusing power dynamics, but in the end it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you get off. Watch the film to find out who’s gonna be on top.

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